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In the south of Côte de Beaune, come and stay at Etape de Santenay hotel cafe restaurant and discover Santenay, its Greenway, its vineyards, mill, medieval château, casino…


On foot or by bike, with family or friends, along the canal and through the vineyards, you’ll fall in love with this region.

In Burgundy, in the south of the Côte de Beaune...

Cycle tourists, hikers, visitors, with family or on business, stop off and discover the region at the new Etape de Santenay hotel.

Etape de Santenay, with its hotel, cafe bar and restaurant, provides a warm welcome, tailor-made to meet your needs, and will work with you to arrange moments to enjoy, family events, provide brunch etc...



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"In Burgundy, when we speak about a Climat we don’t look up to the sky,

we keep our eyes to the ground."



The "Climats" are unique throughout the world

Included on the World Heritage list by UNESCO since 4th July 2015, the Climats, vineyards of Burgundy, form a unique cultural site. For 2,000 years, men have cultivated vines here, guided by a desire to link ever more precisely the wine with the place where it is produced, identifying it by its origin. This has given rise to an exceptional mosaic of over 1,000 Climats, making Burgundy the very model of terroir-based viticulture. This specific cultivation of the vine in small parcels has also led to the progressive emergence of a heritage that is diverse and unique: the stone walls and cabottes (stone shelters) in the vineyards, the wine producer’s homes in the villages, but also the monuments in the cities of Dijon and Beaune. It is an architectural heritage that provides evidence of the major influence of the monks, the Valois Dukes of Burgundy, the wine merchants and the wine-growers… who forged, promoted and preserved the Climats through the centuries. This is the heritage that we invite you to explore. It is a heritage that now belongs to all mankind.


A treasure for all mankind

Unique and fragile, the Climats, vineyards of Burgundy, are our heritage, one that must be protected and passed on. Their inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a "cultural landscape" is part of this objective. This is a commitment that has been undertaken, and witnessed by the community of nations, to respect and to preserve the "Outstanding Universal Value" of the Climats, as "combined works of nature and man". [Article 1, paragraph 3 of the Convention of World Heritage]


What is a "Climat" in Burgundy?

There is a Burgundy specific definition of the word “Climat”. In Burgundy, a Climat refers to the wine-growing

terroir. The Climats are vineyard plots whose limits have been precisely drawn out, and who have been named and identified by men for several centuries.

Each Climat has its own personality, culturally, reflecting its millennia old history, and naturally, through its very specific soil and sub-soil, its exposition and microclimate… Here, every wine from a Climat boasts a unique flavour, brought forth through the use of one sole grape variety (Pinot noir for red wines, Chardonnay for white wines), and earns its place in the hierarchy of the Crus. More than 1,247 Climats are lined up within the boundaries of the area listed as World Heritage, from Dijon to the Maranges. There are a total of over 1,500 in Burgundy as a whole.

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